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Personal Stories - Amanda DeBuse

The story of stealing my older sister’s things, and having her get incredibly mad at me [sibling relations story]. I tell this story when I want to express how sibling quarrel with one another, but in time, they become best friends.

The story of receiving my mission call to Korean after taking two semesters of Korean at BYU [God’s plan story, divine intervention story]. I always tell this story when I want people to know how much the Lord is in every aspect of our lives, and has a plan for us.

The story of learning how to ride a bike, and having my dad watch me one morning as I ride it by myself [development story, appreciation story, making parents proud story]. I tell this story when I want to express how much my parents were there for me when I was younger.

The story of teaching Relief Society for the first time, and being very nervous about it [God helps story, story of preparation and participation]. I tell this story when people are not sure of how their church lesson will go, and are not confident in teaching.

Story of transferring to BYU from BYU-Idaho [inspiration story, life journey story]. I tell this story as a way of saying that I was inspired to go where I needed to go in that part of my life.

The story of being at work during a busy day, having to deal with angry customers, and a boss that has no respect for you [self-control story, story of doing the right thing]. When I tell this story, I want those listening to realize that getting angry or losing your top is not always the best option.

Story of going to the hospital and seeing my niece for the first time [family story, baby story]. I tell this story when I feel very proud of the fact that I was there when my niece was born, and how close to God one can feel when so close to a pure spirit.

Story of talking with my sister every night over Skype, and saying family prayer, and reading scriptures together, when she is in Singapore [family tradition story, family story, story of strengthening family relationships.

Story of how I failed a test, and felt depressed, but realized that that was not the end of the world [everything will turn out story, seeing the good in the bad story]. I tell this story mainly to myself when times get hard, and I need to see how much better things with get in the future.

Story of finishing my first novel [accomplishment story, novel story]. I tell this story mainly when I have to say things that I have accomplished in my life that I am proud of.

Personal Stories - Kelly Duncan

1.  The story of the harmony I observed between my peers (from all walks of life) at my international school in Chile.  [inspiration story, childhood story, life calling story] I tell this story when I am asked where I found my passion for the international world and why I want to end up in the United Nations.   

2. The story of my academic struggles in a new school and how I prevailed in the end [hard work story, success story] I return to this story not to brag but to tell of success after discipline is applied.

3. The story of when I left my contacts in my eyes for nearly two months and ended up tearing my cornea right before a family move. [non-graphic but funny story, lesson-learning story] I tell this story for entertainment because of the funny imagery of my distress.

4. The time my family fed a one-legged duck that repeatedly returned to our home in Seattle (over the span of several weeks) and how it helped me conceptualize the love of Christ [religious story, tender story, selflessness, childhood story] Because of how I adapt this story, I usually tell it in religious settings.  

5. The time I helped my roommate with cerebral palsy navigate through romantic heartache and later find a boyfriend. [compassion, heart break, relationships, love, illuminating] I tell this story to help others become aware of the discrimination we unknowingly pass to those with disabilities. I also tell this story when I offer relationship advice. 

6. The story of visiting the remarkably humble conditions that my Chilean maid, Keka, lived in and the lesson it taught me about happiness [gratitude story, changed view on life] I retell this story to myself when I find myself unappreciative or ungrateful. 

7. The story of my Mother’s parenting methods and how I was never told “remember who you are” but rather, “forget yourself” [inspiration, love, selflessness] I tell this story when I am talking about parenting practices and life lessons. I also tell this story to paint a picture of my mother to those who have never met her. 

8. The story of how a small water puddle I created in my 5th grade classroom spiraled out of control and I chose to lie and deny fault [integrity story, childhood story] I tell this story when the topic of lies come up or when people speak of regrets.

9. The story of how I shamelessly I went out in public after a nose surgery (brace, gauze, and all) because I really wanted a cheeseburger. I felt liberated however my mother and sisters found me and were absolutely mortified. [funny story, exiting one’s comfort-zone story] I tell this story for entertainment.   

10. The story of how my grandma instilled a love for horticulture within me and taught me how to talk to plants. [hobby story, multi-generational legacy story] I tell this story when someone comments on the 16 house plants I have in my apartment.

Personal Stories - Dylan Parkinson

  1. The story of when my brother and I burnt down an entire hill [being a rebel story, playing with fire story, weird punishment by my parents story]. I usually tell this story to one-up someone else's 'I was a pyro' story. 
  2. The story of dueling my wife's former 'missionary' [fight for your wife story, building my wife's ego story]. I usually tell this story when people ask about our courtship. 
  3. The story of my parents divorce, their best decision yet [divorce can be a good thing, but it still leaves scars] I usually tell this story when people ask; my parents' divorce was a unique situation, so people are typically confused by it. 
  4. Barely making the golf team to captain story [motivation is more powerful than raw talent, hard work pays off]. I tell this story to help others understand how important hard work is.
  5. First week in Mexico, Spanish is hard story [missions are hard, missions are worth it] I'll tell this story to prospective missionaries, especially those who have been called Spanish speaking. 
  6. Bailed my sister out of jail, Dad passed away, wife agreed to date me all in one day story [life is complicated, all's well that ends well]. I tell this story in intimate settings usually to get sympathy and to remind myself of how lucky I was to have someone there to help me. 
  7. My brother's a meth addict story [what!?] I love to see people's reactions when they learn about my brother. 
  8. Skipping school in fifth grade story [young rebel, after school suspension]. This story always gets people laughing and it's always unexpected.
  9.  Learning how to ride a bike at three/being forced to learn how to ride a bike at three [Dad will be Dad, the faster you go the more stable you are]. I tell this story when my Dad is around to embarrass him a little and to get people laughing. 
  10. The family restaurant story [royal bloodline, taking over the family business]. I typically tell this story while waiting tables at the restaurant; people tend to tip better when they know I'm family.

Personal Stories Catalog--Andrew Oakes

 1.     The story of running across the Canadian border with a friend and almost not making it back into the country [adventure story, run ins with the law]. I tell this story when people mention they’re from Canada, or whenever something Canada related comes up.

2.     The story of my really whiny high school journal [story about the teenage mind, story about (hopefully) changing]. I bring this up to get a laugh and hopefully convince other people that I’m not the same high school kid.

3.    The story of the first time I gave blood and how the doctor asked me if I had any because nothing was coming out [story about doctors, story about needles, story about snacks]. I tell this story whenever someone says they’re about to give blood to freak them out a little.

4.     The story of my high school car and how during the wintertime, I had to stick my head out the window to see because my breath would freeze on the windshield [story about making do with what you got, story about the cold, story about senior year]. There was a lot more wrong with the car, but it was fun driving it because people will collectively gasp when I tell them about how I literally picked pieces of it off the street.

5.     The story of listening to Robbie Parker stand at our pulpit and express his faith after what happened in Sandy Hook [story about forgiveness, story of my ward back home, story of faith] I only ever tell this story to focus on the incredible faith that people have, even in trials.

6.     The story of my one goal in my one season of lacrosse [story about trying something new (even if you’re not very good at it), story about sports] I tell this story whenever people ask me if I’ve played lacrosse.

7.     The story of delivering ice as a summer job [summer job story, meeting interesting people, seeing interesting homes] The normal reaction to this is a puzzled but curious “huh.”

8.     The story of tubing and my short-term memory loss [hospital story, boat story, remembering what can’t really be remembered] I tell this story mostly when I’m with my friends because they always got a kick out of my semi-conscious rambling.

9.     The story of how I received my testimony of God’s love for us [testimony, spiritual story, story of personal revelation] I tell this story because I feel it’s something people need to be reminded of sometimes. I think everyone needs to know that they always have someone in their corner.

10.     The story of why people say I look like Harry Potter [little kid story, story of how I got my scar] People’s reaction to this is usually “Oh, I can see it.”

Personal Stories Catalog - Kekoa Riggin

  1. "The boy with a Cervix" [learning experience, interpreting, funny] I tell this story as a learning experience. People usually think it's pretty funny.
  2. "Best of Both Worlds" [high school, baseball, breakdance, safe] I tell this story to reminisce about the glory days. It's not particularly impressive to those who weren't there. 
  3. "Arañas and Murder" [mission, funny, greenie] I tell this story for fun usually once already on the topic of my mission.
  4. "Don't throw things" [mission, learning experience] I tell this story in more serious and respectful environments as it could be considered "real talk."
  5. "Divorce" [smart alec, adolescent,, funny] Even though the title provokes negative connotations, this story is lighthearted and usually told to show my attitude towards my parents when I was young.
  6. "Fav 5" [personal, emotion] I haven't told many people this story because it is very personal. I usually tell it to those who need comfort or very close friends as we become closer.
  7. "The Burglar" [childhood, Scare D. Cat, funny, siblings] I tell this story to reminisce about my childhood and my relationship with my sister. Family or close friends usually enjoy it the most.
  8. "The Headless Man Who Lives Downstairs" [funny, childhood, siblings] I tell this story for fun and to reminisce about my siblings. People usually see me as the antagonist getting what I deserve.
  9. "Working Hard, Hardly Working" [college, inspiration, learning experience] I often tell my college story to my younger cousins and siblings to inspire them and help them think about their future. It is usually effective.
  10. "¡No, Guey!" [mission, funny, basketball] I tell this story, mainly to show off my Spanish skills but also to reminisce about the mission. The story is much more effective with Spanish speakers.

Personal Stories Catalog--Alisa Hulme

1.  Building a rocket in my high school physics class that didn't fly, but was absolutely beautiful! [high school, science, fail].  I tell this story because it's funny--showing how incompetent I am in science.

2.  Preparing for and running a half marathon. [running, determination, goals] I think I tell this story to brag (because that's what everyone who runs races does, right?) and because I love running.

3.  Absolutely hating the piano and then having to learn and love it. [mom was right, piano, mission] I tell this story to friends who have seen the major change in my feelings toward the piano.

4.  Brown-nosing my way out of detention in high school. [goodie two shoes, detention, high school] I tell this humorous story to demonstrate the importance of attitude while giving people a laugh from the irony.

5.  Getting my hair stuck in a weed-eater and acquiring a massive bald spot as a result. [weed-eater, bald spot, men's hair restoration formula]  I tell this story because it's hilarious and super embarrassing.

6.  Walking home late at night on campus and terrifying a complete stranger because I thought I knew her. [dark, oops, sorry] I tell this story because it's funny and I actually made a friend out of it.

7.  Rewriting all of the signatures of my second grade classmates because I didn't think their handwriting was good enough. [elementary school, handwriting, little me]  I tell this story because it shows a quirk in my personality and highlights one of my talents--calligraphy.

8.  Accidentally taking too much prescription cough medicine and passing out in a McDonalds parking lot. [passed out, McDonalds, my bad] I tell this story because it's shocking and totally against my nature...and also is really funny.

9.  Chipping my front tooth while working for my lawn care company. [chipped tooth, hysteria, lawn care] I tell this story because it highlights my summer of owning a lawn care business and it is really dramatic.

10.  Choosing to switch high schools an go where I knew no one because I felt I was supposed to. [high school, spiritual, friends]  I tell this story because it was a cool spiritual experience where I showed faith and was blessed.

Personal Stories Catalog - Jared Larsen

1)  The story of my journey to Drum Major.  [Unexpected Blessings, Unintended Results, Marching Band].  I tell parts of this story when "Leadership Experience" comes up, typically regardless of physical setting.

2)  ...And that's how I got my own cult!  [Embarrassing Story, Inspiring Story, #jaredlarsenisthecoolestpersoniknow].  I usually tell this story when people closer to me ask me why I'm "nice" to everyone, even those I don't know.

3)  I wasn't all that left when I went on my mission.  [Death of a Loved One, Faith-finding Story].  I tell this story when I'm asked about the hardest thing I've ever done.

4)  The story of 8-year old romance and a phone call from the airport. [She Moved Away,  My First Girlfriend].  Generally, this story comes up when the subject of "first love" rolls around.

5)  "Let's go, Rolanda!"  [Working Fast Food, Customer Service Nightmares].  I share this story whenever someone asks if people are as polite to me through the drive-up as I am to them, or when I talk about customer service to my employees.

6)  The story of winning the Q.U.E.S.T. competition- but tying for first.  With a girl.  [Why I Love English, Other Things I Love].  This story finds its home whenever "Awards" or "Honors" becomes the topic of discussion.

7)  The Bottle Story: the time my trainer and I ruined P-day over a 4-hour dispute on "recycling."  [Pride Story, "He isn't so bad after all" Story,  Faith-Building Story].  I tell this story all.  The.  Time.  But definitely more often in either religious settings or "mission-story" settings.

8)  "How do you 'accidentally' smash your leg through a window?" "Obviously, you don't know Jared."  [Embarrassing Story, Funny Story, Character-Revealing Story].  This story comes up whenever someone asks me what dumb things I've done.

9)  The story of how a 3 a.m. S.W.A.T. team gave me my "criminal" record.  [Cop Story, #mymomsstillmad].  I tell this story whenever "Cop Stories" show their faces.

10)  The time I let my feelings for a girl dupe me into a cross-dressing saxophone duet in front of the whole school.  [Love's Labors Lost, Courage-Finding Story, Embarrassing Story].  I tell this story when someone asks what my most embarrassing moment is.

Personal Stories Catalog - Alec Hammond

1.) Story of getting arrested for throwing "works bombs" [mistake story, story about maturity] I often tell this story while reminiscing with friends about dumb teenage mistakes.

2.) Story of fighting for my fiancé [love story, dedication story] I tell this story to show that those things that require the most work are often the most rewarding.

3.) Story of seeing murder on my mission in Mexico [perspective story, compassion story, gratitude story] When people rant about "first world problems", I find myself retelling this story (or stories).

4.) Story of deciding to come to BYU [faith story, decision story]  When people ask for advice about major decisions, I usually share this story to show that life works itself out.

5.) Story of spending countless hours trying to build a robot arm, only to watch it disintegrate the day it was due [diligence story, journey matters most story, experience story] I relate this story to emphasize how much more important an experience can be over an end result.

6.) Story of when I looked up at night and finally realized the size and significance of the universe [spiritual story, pivotal moment story, greater purpose story] I feel like I share this story to illustrate finding purpose and meaning in life.

7.) Story of the street beggar who offered me food [compassion story, empathy story, service story]  When people struggle to share what they have with those who don't have, I share this story.

8.) Story of me, throwing up in my dad's ear as a kid [parenting story, reminiscing story, gross story] I tell this story to explain why I no longer eat Cheetos.

9.) Story of me breaking my sister's leg [forgiveness story, family story,] I share this to show that mistakes happen, but we can always reconcile.

10.) Story of me almost killing my best friend on our go-cart [friend story, scary story]  I usually tell this story to show the power of friendship (he forgave me).

Personal Stories Catalog - Ally Miyazaki

  1. The story of me getting grounded for two weeks over a donut [childhood story, family story].  I tell this story to people to illustrate how stubborn my dad was when I was growing up.
  2. The story of my seven trips to the ER and when the EMTs came to my apartment [injury story, childhood story, adventure story].  I tell this to people to give them a heads up to how injury-prone I am and to relish in my crazy antics.
  3. The story of when my mom convinced me to buy a pair of leggings I didn't like [advice story, growing up story].  I tell this to encourage others to be their own person and have their own style regardless of the opinions of others.
  4. The story of how I tried out for the Folk Dance team and actually got on [college story, growing up story, dance story].  This is how I let people know I'm on the Folk Dance team, and how I try to convince them to let me teach them my favorite Israeli dance.
  5. The story of Maple Canyon and almost dying but praying my way out of it [miracle story, prayer story, adventure story].  I use this one to draw an analogy between praying when we need help, but also making sure we are careful about the situations we put ourselves in.
  6. The story about choosing to reject my mission call [advice story, religion story, choices story].  I tell this one to those with difficult decisions to make, and to emphasize how sometimes God's path for us is curvy, and how "strait" doesn't mean "straight."
  7. The story about falling flat on my face in front of everyone [embarrassing story, dance story].  I get to make people laugh with this one, and make them feel more comfortable about their own shortcomings.
  8. The story of receiving an incredible gift from a new friend in another country [friend story, travel story, kindness story].  This story illustrates the kindness of humble almost-strangers around the world.
  9. The story of my reactivation to the Church as a teenager [religion story, growing up story].  I tell this to either explain to people a little more about why I am the way I am, as well as the attributes and love from others involved in reactivation.
  10. The story of once making up a story and now having to remind myself it actually didn't happen [story story, embarrassing story, growing up story].  To show people that if a fictional story can convince even the teller that it was true, stories must be quite powerful.

Personal Stories Catalog – Laycee Liston

Personal Stories Catalog – Laycee Liston

1. The story of being scared to death by a creepy minivan in the ghetto of Hagerstown Maryland at night. [funny story, Mission story] I tell this story when people as to hear a funny mission story.

2. The story of passing the ball into the wrong teem who then just shot it into the hoop. [embarrassing story, basketball story] I tell this story when I am asked to tell my most embarrassing moment or when I want to make others laugh.

3. The story of hurting my knee playing basketball. [action story, life changing story] I tell this story to explain the scare on my knee or when I want to tell a cool basketball story.

4. The story of going white water kayaking and getting stuck on a rock. Then deciding to bail and flip out of the kayak rather than turn around. [story used as an analogy, life story, changed to be a moral story] I use this story in religious settings to make a comparison to life. I also use this story when swapping adventure stories.

5. The story of getting in a four wheeling accident and passing out. [funny story, four wheeling story, life event] I tell this story any chance I can get. Usually it comes up when talking about four wheeling or hobbies in general.

6. The story of meeting Linda and her overwhelming excitement about receiving a copy of the Book of Mormon. [spiritual experience, humbling story, feel good story] I tell this story when we are talking about things we take for granted or the importance of scripture.

7. The story of getting my back bike tire stolen. [advice story, funny story, ironic incident] I tell this story when I am trying to lock up my bike or when riding my bike with someone else as a funny learning experience.

8. The story of losing my money bag as a child and then praying to find it. [kid story, faith building] I tell this story in talks at church or when I want to make others laugh.

9. The story of putting my sock in the toilet when I was asleep. [recent stories, roommate stories, humorous story] I tell this story to my roommates to make them laugh and then they have me tell it to everyone else.

10. The story of finding a snake in my apartment! [funny story, fear story, Maryland pests] I tell this story whenever someone talks about what creature they found in their house.

Personal Stories Catalog - Michael Stevens

1. The story of how I met my fiancee here at BYU while she was on a date with my roommate. [relationship story, love story] Whenever I tell someone new I am getting married at the end of the year they ask me how I met her.

2. When I found out the tooth fairy was a fraud as an 8-year-old by catching my grandma in the act of putting something under my sister's pillow. [childhood story, family story, tradition story] I share this story with older people who have already lost all their teeth for a good laugh about the tooth fairy.

3. Making the decision to play water polo instead of football. [athletic story, life forming decision story] I share this story when people ask me when I started playing water polo or what sports I played in high school.

4. Getting in trouble in elementary school for throwing dirt on a windy day. [childhood story, punishment story, moralizing story] I share this story with friends and family when they ask if I ever got in trouble as a kid.

5. Almost letting my roommate fall while he was rock climbing in Provo Canyon. [story of awakening, story about trust, story about focus] I share this story only with people close to me because it was a very scary experience that taught me a valuable lesson: never take your eyes off the climber.

6. Teaching myself as a second grader how to do a back flip on the trampoline. [childhood story, reaching personal goals story] I share this experience whenever people see me on a trampoline and ask me how long I have been doing tricks.

7. The year my parents got my sisters and I a Gamecube even though they had told us they couldn't afford it. [childhood miracle story, family Christmas story, story of sacrifice] I share this story with those close to me when talking about memorable Christmases in my life, usually with close friends and family.

8. When I opened my mission call. [important decision story, life changing story] People often ask how I opened my mission call so I tell them about my experience and how thrilled I was upon reading my assignment.

9. The time when a member of a brutal Mexican gang told my companion and I he wanted to change, but if he did they would kill him. [story that put life in perspective, scary story, mission story] I served in south Texas right on the border of Mexico, and I share this story with people if they ask me if I encountered any drug cartel members.

10. When I held my nephew for the first time. [family story, story of life changing family events] I share this experience with people when they ask me how many nieces or nephews I have. He is the only one and I love him.

Personal Stories Catalogue - Chandler Dahl

1. "You are a lacrosse player." My first experiences with lacrosse. [Sports story, life lessons] I tell this story when people ask about me playing lacrosse, or as an analogy about changing your actions or habits.

2. The home video of me as a 3 year old ripping off my clothes and flexing for the camera. [Family story, me being buff story] I usually only tell this story when my mom brings it up. She loves it.

3. "Life At 50 Below". Stories about the coldest times of my mission in Barrow and Fairbanks, Alaska. [Mission/travel story, extreme weather story] I tell this story often because people always want to know how cold it was when they hear I served my mission there.

4. Weird things I ate in Barrow. [Mission/travel story, Barrow/Eskimo story] I tell this story in response to questions about the extreme parts of Alaska, or if they ask if I served with Eskimos.

5. AK Dreamin'. The beautiful drive to and from Alaska on the Al-Can Highway. [Travel story, summer work story] People ask what I did for work and are amazed at the fact that we drove to Alaska.

6. The first time I got paid to play a show. [Music story, accomplishment story] I get excited to tell this story when people ask reasons why I like playing the guitar in front of people.

7. "I Could Grow a Beard in 7th Grade" Tales of the kid who matured really early. [Coming of age story, growing up] I tell this story mostly to defend myself for being short, but also to reminisce about the glory days being better than people at most things. Yeah, it's sad, I peaked at age 13.

8. How I met and wooed my bride to be. [Love story, BFF story, engagement story] People always ask how me and my fiancee met, so I tell this story a lot.

9. "Weekend at the Bearnson's" Stories, conversations, and life lessons experienced at my friend Collin's house where we would spend the night after every football game. [Football story, life lessons, friend story] I tell this story in response to the question "What did you do in High School?" I did a lot, but for some reason it felt like we were always just there at Collin's house.

10. "The Druggies of Lone Peak" The story of my friends and I (All of us are good Mormon boys who have since served missions) being labeled as "druggie kids" because of our appearance as we ate lunch in the corner. [High school story, friend story, false judgement story] I tell this story when people see pictures of me either with long hair, riding around on a motorcycle, playing the guitar, or (apparently) dressing like a kid who does drugs.

Personal Story Catalog - Alexis Inouye

1. The story of how I somehow got to BYU [reflection, everything happens for a reason story]. I tell this story to explain to people how we can't always understand why random things happen until we look back at what we've achieved.

2. The story of how my best friend and I met and ultimately changed each other's lives [best friends story, high school story, growing up story]. I tell this story to show that people are placed in our lives for a reason.

3. The story of how my finger was sliced open with dull school scissors [painful story, scar story, lessons learned in elementary school]. I tell this story to teach people why we don't play with scissors.

4. The story of how I found my sister unconscious in the swimming pool while we were on vacation [miraculous story, family story, scary story, medical scare]. I tell this story to help people understand the dangers of being ignorant about epilepsy.

5. The story of how I ended up in my apartment with my roommates [friends story, everything happens for a reason story, college life story]. I tell this story pretty much to tell people that my roommates are awesome and we were meant to be.

6. The story of how my basketball team lost a game because I made a basket on the wrong side when I was 13 [embarrassing/humiliating story, sports story, basketball story]. I tell people this story when we're all sharing stupid mistakes we've made.

7. The story of how I discovered a passion for public relations in a reverse way when I had no idea what it was [story of finding my passion, major/career story, everything happens for a reason story]. I tell this story when people tell me they don't know what major to pick and I want to show them that sometimes we find our talents in ways we never expected.

8. The story of how I rejected the offer to be on Junior Varsity at my high school when I was 13 [basketball story, high school story]. I honestly tell this story to prove to people that I was good at basketball at least at some point in my life, but also to show that sometimes decisions should be made on values besides the offer for higher status.

9. The story of how I overreacted for a foul and was carried off the court and taken to the hospital for what turned out to be a mild sprained ankle [not the proudest moment of my life story, basketball story]. I tell this story to show people how girls high school basketball is an emotional game.

10.  The story of how my friend announced the name of a guy I had been talking about and I over the loudspeaker at a stake dance and forced us to slow dance with each other in the middle of the dance floor [embarrassing story, high school drama, stealing the DJs microphone story]. I tell this story when people are sharing embarrassing high school stories and I can't think of anything else.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Personal Story Catalog- Nathan Brown

1)      My First Social Spanish Blunder in an EFY [travel story, misperception story, humorous].  I tell this story to let others know in a comical way that we don’t usually know as much as we think do.
2)      Story of naming the first dog I ever had each family member choosing one single letter and putting them together [story of planned vs. spontaneous, animal story].  I like to tell this story to show how randomness in life usually leads to our benefit.
3)      The story of how the Rocha Family, an investigator family in Mexico, gained a spiritual witness at the same time in prayer [religious story about prayer, story about family unity, spiritual awakening story].  I love to retell this story to future missionaries to show them the spiritual experiences they have.  I also love to tell it so others can see that God exists and does answer our prayers.
4)      The story of when I gave my mom six “Adopt a child for free” coupons for Mother’s Day so we could have a full baseball team in our family (I have two brothers) [childhood innocence story, athletic story, personal motives story].  This reminds me and those who I tell it to that we should always consider other’s feelings and desires before our own (especially on Mother’s Day).  It also reminds us that baseball is the best sport EVER!
5)      Story of when I had to move in fifth grade after assuming that I would never move [story about embracing change, story about overcoming obstacles, choosing the positive].  From this story, we remember that even when unexpected changes come into our lives, they often introduce positive aspects that we should embrace.
6)      The story of when I won a Little League baseball tournament, but took a picture with my brother of me not smiling [brotherly relations story, story about holding onto regrets].  Using this story, I teach others that we should always have the best feelings between our siblings and show it or else we will have many regrets in the future.
7)      The story of going out of my comfort zone to speak and win my first Speech and Debate tournament [story of self-confidence, story of success].  This story encourages people to break out of their shells and realize that even people who are very experienced in one area started as beginners, too.
8)      The story of my dad and I playing light tag after a Seattle Mariners game [story about fathers, story about childhood, story about memories].  I like to tell people, especially parents, this story to illustrate that the short moments we set aside to do small things can turn into profound memories for our kids.
9)      The story about my BYU study abroad to Nauvoo and how we truly experienced the law of consecration together [story about group unity, religious story, story about history and sacrifice].  This story explains a change of heart I had of becoming a believer in the law of consecration and the extreme power of a united group of people.

10)   The story about having to sever ties with my friends my senior year of high school in order to keep my standards [sad story of personal confidence, story about the importance of morals, story about continuing strong friendships].  I like to relate this story to the younger generation to exemplify how we are morally strong enough to stand up for our beliefs.  It also shows that true friendship endures the ups and downs of life.

Personal Stories Catalog - Maren McInnes

1.     The story of the many fish I had growing up that got the tummy disease and the medicine changed their color. [childish ignorance story, pet story] I tell this story if people ask if I had pets growing up.

2.     The story of the day my dad came home from his ten-month deployment. [family story, patriotic story, reunion story] I tell this story to illustrate my dad’s character and to explain why I feel a certain way towards politics and towards the country.

3.     The story of when my sister and I found out our mom was going to have another baby. [big sister story, sister-relationship story, baby story] I tell this story when other people are telling funny baby stories.

4.     The story of surfing with my dad and going on doughnut runs. [sports story, family story, tradition story] I tell this story when I miss surfing and I’m feeling nostalgic about the beach and simplicity.

5.     The story of the old guy tapping on the window when I was babysitting. [babysitting story, scary-turned-funny story]. I don’t like actual scary stories, so I use this one when people are telling scary stories and it’s my turn.

6.     The story of the soccer game in which I got to be a starter. [hard work story, sports story, success story]. I tell this story to show that hard work can pay off.

7.     The story of a dinner gone horribly wrong my freshman year. [cooking story, failure story, lesson-learned story] I tell this story if I’m cooking with friends and we are making anything with chicken or Alfredo sauce.

8.     The story of the night my roommate and I got lost in downtown Provo. [freshman story, public transportation story, anger story] I tell this story when we are reminiscing about our freshman escapades.

9.     The story of skipping lectures during a business seminar to study in the Harry Potter library. [school story, priority story, lessons-learned story] I usually get teased for being such a nerd when I tell this story.

10. The story of covering a football game for an article. [work story, journalism story, behind-the-scenes story]. I tell parts of this story almost every football game. My friends thought it was interesting at first.

Personal Stories Catalog - Benjamin Cope

1. The story of the time I almost died rock climbing [near death story, inspirational story]. I tell this story pretty rarely and only when prompted to, because it was a pretty scary experience.

2. The story of how I was forced to become friends with the boy that is now my best friend [best friend story, story about how people change]. I haven't ever talked about this story, I think. But it's a pretty good story.

3. The story of the time I lost a debate in spite of the fact that I won the debate [high school story, upsetting story]. I often rant about this story because my friends bring it up all the time.

4. The story of the first deaf person I met and how she taught me my second first language [language story, best friend story]. I tell this story when people ask me how I learned ASL.

5. Story about saving Shadow, my dog, from a nearby animal shelter after years of asking my parents for a pet [happy story, animal story]. I tell this story anytime someone meets my dog. Which happens every time someone comes to my house because I make them all meet my dog.

6. The story about my experience as a professional video game player [nerd story, story about making new friends in weird places]. People often respond to this story with a scoff and a roll of the eyes.

7. The story of how I stole all of my friend's girlfriends [story about stupid high school relationships, funny story]. I bring up this story to make fun of my friend whenever he gets serious with a girl.

8. The story of how I failed my senior English class in high school and convinced my teacher to give me an A anyways [debate story, high school story]. I tell this story when I used to compare grades with my friends to show off how cool I am.

9. Story of how I ran away from the police after peeing off of the roof of a stranger's house [humorous story, story about adventures with my friends]. I don't really tell this story because I don't want to incriminate myself.

10. The story of how I didn't go to my high school graduation, prom, or any other senior activities [high school story]. I don't tell this story. I'm just out of any reasonably good stories because apparently I've lived an astoundingly boring life. #rip

Personal Stories Catalog

1. Story about getting hit in the head with a baseball bat. Trying to be like Barry Bonds of the SF Giants didn't really work out for my sister and I. [moralizing story, scar story] I tell this story when people ask about the scar on my forehead.

2. Story about how I met my boyfriend. Typical YSA meet story. [boy-meets-girl story, YSA ward success story] I tell this story when people ask how I met my boyfriend.

3. Story about playing beanie babies with my older sister. Whatever my older sister said, went. And I listened. [childhood fun story, older sister rules story] I tell this story for humor to explain my older sister and my relationship

4. Story about getting my dog, Shadow, from the shelter. [animal story, rescue story] I tell this story to encourage people to get shelter dogs.

5. Story about working for Disney with my roommate from freshman year. An anxiety attack in Biology class turned out to be one of the best things I've ever done. [Disney story, spontaneous decisions story] I tell this story when people ask how I got to work for Disney in Florida for a semester.

6. Story about weeping and wailing with my cousin during the family reunion float trip down the Colorado river. Tears flowed, and the sass level was off the charts. [humorous story, dramatic story] I tell this story (as well as others) almost every time my extended family is all together.

7. Sad story about why my dad never asked me to go fishing with him again, and when I decided that I was too cool to do fun things with my dad. [sad story, don't pick this story, too cool for fun story] I tell this story about how sweet my dad is and why I don't fish anymore.

8. Story about almost getting kidnapped while hosting a "kids ONLY garage sale". How unsupervised kids don't always make the wisest decisions. [kidnapper story, childhood story] I tell this story to demonstrate how my childhood is starkly different than the childhood of kids today.

9. Story about my older sister and I not wanting to eat the 'nasty' food my mom had prepared for dinner, and nearly starving in our room that night. [dramatic story, childhood story, humorous story] I tell this story when one of my sisters or I don't like what the family is having for dinner.

10. Story about a close call during Summer Sales in Minnesota this summer, and a Leather wearing priest trained in Shiatsu massage. [humorous story, scary story] I tell this story when people ask me why I quit summer sales.

Personal Stories Catalog - Gavin Chatterley

1.  The story of losing 10 pounds in a week...completely on accident [overactive metabolism, being skinny].  I tell this story to explain to people why I gave up on the idea of trying to gain weight.

2.  The story of the ideal mission companion [relationships, mental synchronization, shared vision].  I tell this story to explain what I am looking for in a dating relationship.  I normally only tell this to RM's because the effectiveness of this story depends on them having experiences similar to mine.

3.  The story of why I picked my major [personal priorities, inspiration, talents].  I tell this story when people ask why I chose the field I did.  How I tell this story changes every time I explain it based on my audience.

4.  The story of using seasoned potato slices instead of condiments on my hamburgers. [idiosyncrasies, ultimate simplicity, stinginess].  I share this story to explain my love of extreme pragmatic simplicity and thriftiness.

5.  The story of  the creation of quabablabachipichipi, a strange recipe I invented [culinary creativity, quirkiness, persistence].  I tell this story to explain the extent of my cooking experience and my characteristically unconventional approach to life.

6.  The story of how I got into ultimate frisbee [sports, high school, personal interests].  I tell this story when people are interested in my hobbies and how I acquired them.

7.  The story of getting all of my roommates into the same room at the same time for the first time one semester [college life, schedule coordination].  I tell this story to describe how improbable it is to wind up with six people who live together in the same room when they have very asynchronous schedules

8.  The story of the mission apartment that experienced bug infestations analogous the plagues of Egypt including ants, flies, and termites that fell from the ceiling [mission stories, bugs, apartment shenanigans].  I tell this story when the context of mission stories or bug infestations arise.

9.  The story of my subtle passive aggressive spiting of classic literature on the AP English test by writing about a book I had read outside of English class on the third essay [spunk, subtle acts of rebellion, inner satisfaction].  I tell this story during conversations with people about the high school English curriculum with people who at least somewhat agree with my position on the subject.

10.  The story of my thwarting of my teachers' attempts to split up our dream team during an informal debate tournament set up by a history teacher and an English teacher in middle school by restructuring the situation in our own minds [debate, teamwork, mental exercises].  I tell this story to myself to remind me of the power of changing mental constructs in order to solve problems and the often resilient nature of teams that band together out of loyalty.

Personal Stories Catalog - Kapri Beus

  1. The story of my worst “food” experience on my mission- cat hair banana bread [comedy story, disgusting story].  I tell this story because it is funny and disgusting, and also proves that you don’t have to serve in a foreign country to have “foreign” experiences.
  2. The story of how I got the massive scar on my arm at a sleepover/ gymnastics party
    [injury story, accident prone story].  I tell this story because people see my scar and ask where it came from.
  3. The story of my roommate passing away our freshman year during the semester [tragedy story, value of life story].  I don’t bring this story up super often, but I tell it when relating to death of close ones and to help myself as well as others realize there is good in all things.
  4. The story of the road that led me to nursing [educational story, self-defining story].  I tell this story because people like to ask “What’s your major?” and “What made you decide that?” so, over telling it again and again, I am finally figuring out why.
  5. The story of how my sister and brother-in-law met and why their relationship is so awesome [romance story, story of patience and hope].  I often tell this story to girls who are stressed about relationships and hopeless for finding “the one”.
  6. The story of how someone else “pooped my pants” while working at a dude ranch [really disgusting story, entertaining story, story of learning to laugh].  I  tell this story to make people laugh, and to help them think of me as a funny, down to earth person.
  7. The story of running the 100m hurdles at state and losing because I lost focus of the goal [athletic story, story of focusing on our goals].  I often tell this story to help me remember that as we compare ourselves to others we lose sight of our goals and who we are; and it helps me be identified as an athlete.
  8. The story of my cancelled flight that led to opportune time with my grandpa before he died [story of family, happy memories story, story of irony].  I tell this story to remind people that everything happens for a reason.
  9. The story of unfair treatment toward me because of gender from my high school math teacher [sexist story, ridiculous story].  I think I tell this story to blame my teacher (bad, I know) and to help me remember that I really was in the right- and he the wrong.
  10. The story of almost dying in midnight moonlight white water rafting [adventure story].  I mostly tell this story so people will think I am brave and adventurous.

Personal Stories Catalogue - Spencer Marks

1. Story of my proposal to my fiance. [romantic story, funny story] I've been telling this one a lot lately because I got engaged last week.
2. Story of how I met my fiance. [romantic story, hand of God story] I've also been telling this one a lot after our engagement.
3. Story of being Branch President on Nonouti, a small island in the Pacific Ocean [trial story, achievement story, mission story] I tell this one during mission story swaps, or at interviews where I need to show leadership ability.
4. Story of living in a hut, pooping on the beach, and general living conditions in Kiribati, the place where I served my mission [funny story, mission story, trial story] I tell this one at mission story swaps or when people start talking about "first world problems."
5. Story of winning the Klondike Derby as a Boy Scout [teamwork story, overcoming trials story, epic adventures in the snow story, boy scout story] I tell this one when we talk about things we do in the snow, or things we've done as Boy Scoutss
6. Story of my friend, Elizabeth Cole, dying in a car crash. [tragedy story, car crash story] I don't often tell this story any more, but I used to tell it a lot more because it was on my mind.
7. Story of starting cross country my sophomore year as the slowest runner, boy or girl, on the team, and ending up running at state my senior year. [athletic story, improvement story] I often tell this one to encourage new runners to keep working hard, regardless of what may come in their way.
8. Story of creating an awesome pantomime for the drama competition, but getting shot down by one judge who didn't know what they were doing. [sour grapes story, disappointment story] I mainly tell this one when I'm feeling bitter about it.
9. Story of crashing on a motorbike in Kiribati. [mission story, motorcycle story] I tell this one to explain why I don't like riding motorcycles.
10. Story of not doing my homework in one class freshman year, and missing out on a scholarship because of it. [freshman stupidity story, advice story] I tell this one to my freshman cousins to motivate them not to slack off freshman year.

Personal Stories Catalog--Katelyn Dalton

1. The Blue Brick: the story of deciding to paint my apartment. [Roommate story, silly college choices story]. I tell this story because it's funny and exemplifies the friendships I have with my roommates--and also to explain my apartment wall.

2. The story of me not making it into the private high school I applied for...when all my friends did. [Faith story, defining story, blessing-in-disguise story]. I tell this story to help when others are struggling with feelings of rejection.

3. The Goldfish Lady: the story of my brothers predicting my future love life. [Sibling story, taunting story]. I tell this story when I want to razz my brothers, and it usually gets a response of "oh, poor you!" as I laugh.

4. The story of me being alone in my house during an earthquake--and wondering if I caused it. [Instrument story, natural disaster story]. I tend to bring this story up when others are talking about natural disasters they've experienced.

5. The Marching Band Reject: a story from my freshman year of high school. [Defining story, high-school-is-rough story, courage story]. I think I tell this story because it reminds me that it's okay to be outside of the norm.

6. "We know because we have the Book of Mormon!": the story of innocent little kindergarten Katelyn. [Kindergarten story, cute story, missionary story]. I tend to tell this story when LDS people are talking about when they were little.

7. Sleepwalking, vinegar, and a violent doorknob. [ When-I-was-a-kid story, sleepwalking story, injury story]. I tell this story in part as a humorous story and partly to show the patience of my parents.

8. The Mud Flood: a story of what went wrong one day when I was babysitting. [Babysitting story, crazy kids story, messy story]. I tell this story when others are bringing up babysitting stories, and to show that disaster can strike even the most responsible babysitter.

9. Audition anxiety: the story of my personal growth as a musician and conquering a crippling fear. [Growth story, performance story]. I often get a positive and sometimes emotional response to this story.

10. Numbers and Slumbers: the story of giving out my number in my sleep. [Dating story, awkward situation story]. I tell this story when others are talking about good old BYU dating.

Personal Stories Catalog - Isaac Fox

1. The story of my fiance and I getting engaged [favorite park story, glow sticks story, swimming suit story]. This is what is currently going on in my life, and it seems to be the story people want to hear nowadays.

2. The story of procrastination which lead to why I don't do homework on Sundays [miracle story, bio-chem story, taking tests story]. I use this story as a faith promoting experience as well as to invite others to do the same as I have done.

3. The story of moving from Sweden as a nine-year old [thousands of miles story, culture shock story, new life story]. I really don't think most people can even comprehend this story because it is literally so foreign to them.

4. The story of injuring myself while playing street hockey [hockey story, mouth injury story, best friend story]. I will never be able to live this one down because the reaction people have when they see the picture of what happened stays embedded in their minds.

5. The story of climbing into a claw machine to pull a prank on a friend [prank story, scaring story, birthday story]. I tell this story every time someone new goes into my friends basement, because the claw machine is one of the first things you notice.

6. The story of telling a sister in the MTC that she had a perfect body [awkward story, Russian story, laugh after two years story]. I tell this story when people express their concern of learning a new language, because we all go through a similar process.

7. The story of calling a girl in fifth grade a bad word, because I didn't know hardly and swear words in English [mean girl story, swearing story, sit in the back room story]. No one really ever gets that mad at me because I was a little kid, and I didn't know better, even though my behavior was unacceptable.

8. The story of my lawn-care business that grew over eight years to be very profitable [success story, business story, teenager story]. I often use this in interviews for jobs or anything that will require my resume.

9. The story of when I ran into and was fed by an Armenian in Estonia [mission story, Armenian story, coincidence story]. I tell this one when I'm expressing the blessings of being Armenian, which let me tell you, they are many. ;)

10. The story of how my parents met in Arkansas, but then ended up in Sweden even after my mom had been involved with an arranged marriage in Syria [love story, movie-like story, foreign story]. This is the story I have told the most in my life, because you seriously would think that my family is from a movie.

Personal Stories Catalog-- Eli Hainsworth

1. Chinese Camp Love Triangle Suspense Action!
[Dramatic revelation story, Hearts getting crushed story]
A dramatic tale involving teenage boys and girls too scared to admit their love. Could their romances end their friendships?

I tell this one to entertain.

2. Getting lost in China.
[9-year-old panic story, relationship-defining story]
A young boy flies to China for the first time, only to find separated from his parents in Tianmen Square, the largest public square in the world.

I tell this one to explain my cautious nature in public and when I want to rip into my mom.

3.  Running for all the offices.
[Defiance story]
In a school where school spirit has been dead for years, each student government position has only one candidate. In a fit of righteous anger, one hero from the debate classroom will challenge them all.

I tell this one because I like thinking I changed the school's mentality.

4. Almost getting arrested in the MTC.
[Story of fear, humorous story]
Five Elders create a triple bunk bed, gaining the attention of an Australian Security agent who doesn't take attitude. Their lecture takes an unexpected turn!

I tell this one because the fear we felt at the time was very real, and it transfers well in retelling.

5. Using a 9-year-old as a ski ramp.
[Painful, embarrassing story]
The most dangerous things on the mountain are other skiiers. In a story that explores the depths of human relationship and treachery, an unsuspecting boy becomes a blizzard of trouble!

I tell this story because I don't like this kid and he makes a good scapegoat.

6. Surprise baptism story.
[Pretty spiritual story, gushing about a Branch I like story, mission story]
Brother Jung was sure he wasn't ready for baptism. Nothing the missionaries did seemed to make a difference. Nothing, that is, except a trip to the ice cream store during work hours.

I tell this story because it highlights how little power I had in my hands.

7. The Hobo's Bladder
[story of powerlessness, story of leadership]
Despite his recent appointment as a District leader, a young Elder comes face to face with his own powerlessness as he confronts a drunk Korean with a poor idea of boundaries and laws.

I also tell this story because it highlights how little power I have, but in the negative direction.

8. Elder Hainsworth and the Very Definitely Not a Double Date.
[Mission Story, I-was-totally-breaking-the-rules-in-retrospect story, Love story (not mine don't worry), awkward story]
When the tiny town of Kimje, South Korea leaves his companion in despair, a junior companion realizes that it will take something beyond his own power to quell his pessimistic tendencies. A visit from the sister missionaries develops into a full-blown romance, but between whom?

I usually told this story because it was something a lot of missionaries in our mission knew about, but didn't know the details. Since I could provide my perspective, it gave the story a lot of retell value.

9. The time I unleashed a hurricane of pick-up lines.
[Shameless flirting story,  Fun story, no moral or point story]
When Lara left to spend three weeks studying Korean, she had no idea that she was about to be hit by a wall of puns. With lots of ham and even more cheese, one man unleashes every pick-up line he has ever thought of.

I like telling this story because it was a time I threw caution to the wind and had a really fun time, and giving a verbal replay brings back that joy.

10. The best swimmer at camp.
[Coming of age story, enduring to the end story]
Although the young scout was determined to receive his swimming merit badge this year, he had not counted on the immensity of the task before him. With his whole heart, he resolves to complete the merit badge, although in his peripheral vision, he sees those around him abandoning the challenge.

I like to use this story as an example of being both foolhardy and persistent. It has a lot of motivation value for myself and others.