Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Annotated Working Draft of Final Project and Hot Spots in Nursing

  1. Communication and Persuasion in Nursing:
    I had always had the desire to help in the physical and spiritual healing of an individual.  As a nurse, clear and educated oral and written communication is crucial, especially because lives are dependent on that communication.  It’s also important to have honest and open patient/family to nurse communication in order to show professionalism and care.
  2. Storytelling in Hospital Care Nursing
    Oftentimes nurses will tell “stories” to help the new nurses and nursing students to understand what to and what not to do.  The story I told was a sad story about a nurse who worked too long and made a mistake with a patient, causing a preventable death.  The new nurses would be motivated by a desire to really focus on the people rather than just their routine job.
  3. History of Nursing  
    Nursing began with more of a holistic approach, and we are seeing today the recognition of how helpful that really was.  Educational training really exploded when Florence Nightingale and a few others began schools for nursing.  The students or “sisters” had a life similar to that of a nun and a servant- little pay, and no marrying- which relates to many of the difficulties nurses face today: being taken advantage of and taken away from family.
  4. Institutional Authority and Communication in Nursing
    This blog was about a nurse who wants to file a complaint about the long and strenuous working hours that nurses have, cutting it down from 12 to 8 max.  There are certain authorities that she must go through to be heard, as well as finding ways to unite nurses together to be heard.

Hot Spots

Hot Spot #1 (Field/Personal): Nurses have the opportunity to communicate with a variety of people; but as far as their voices being heard, it doesn’t seem like they are able to communicate effectively to authorities.  If we want good nurses, then they should probably have more say in decisions for nurses.      
Hot Spot #2 (Historical):  The history of nursing goes way far back and has developed tremendously in many aspects- especially in technology and nursing education.  One aspect in patient care, however, especially in communication and treatment with the patient in holistic care (taking care of the whole patient: body, mind, and spirit) nursing seems to have actually digressed.  


  1. I think a closer look at the digression of the holistic approach to nursing would be really interesting to delve into more. I've never thought about a nurse helping to heal the mind and spirit of a patient, just the body.

  2. I'm with Michael, I think that the history of that could be really interesting to look deeper into. I also think that it would be very instructive to see how that led into nursing today. Good work on that!