Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Annotated Working Draft and Hotspots in Economics

Component Assignments:
  1. Communication and Persuasion in Economics EducationCommunication and Persuasion is difficult when you can understand what someone is saying. That happens a lot with Economics.
  2.      Storytelling in my FieldNot written yet.
  3.       Economics within the History of CivilizationEconomic Thought can be traced back to the 9th century B.C. but it is more difficult to identify where modern Economic thought has its roots because it is so closely tied withb Statistics.
  4.          Institutional Authority and CommunicationNot written yet.
    Hot Spots
  1. With something as important as Economics and as large of an impact that it has on society, you would think that it would be presented in a format that would be easier to understand. Rather, because the concepts are so complex and in depth, those who study it have a hard time conveying those concepts in a simple and concise manner which deters people away from studying it.
  2. Where does the Foundations of Economics truly lie? Is it in the philosophical realm of thought that can be traced to antiquity? Or in the statistical complexity that has developed within the last few hundred years? If we can identify which one, could that have an effect of the simplicity of possible future presentation of the subject?

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  1. The first hotspot was more appealing to me. IS there a simpler way to teach it?