Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Annotated Working Draft and Hot Spots in Public Relations

Component Assignments
The field of Public Relations could be simplified into the basic thought that the purpose of PR is to “tell a story”.  Behind the scenes, however, a PR practitioner must earn and charm his or her way into conversations in order to affect attitudes and change perceptions through persuasion. 

I share the true story of how UPS had the objective of going greener, and how the company successfully planned a set of strategies to execute. However, if there isn’t a PR team there to refine the message and tell a compelling story to the public, then few will be informed and even fewer will care.  My “retelling” of the story is my estimate of what a powerful PR message could be. 

This post confirmed the reality of Public Relations being utilized in early centuries, however detailed the rapid speed of progress that took place once the practice was harnessed and systematized.

Ethical dilemmas turn up all the time in the Public Relations field. The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) helps create a standard ethical code as well as provide professional development for its members.

Hot Spots
1. The field of Public Relations is at a pivotal point where there is a sharp realization that PR practitioners must be proficient in all forms of digital and social media and become modern-day communicators.  The field needs new varieties of creativity to develop alongside the evolving content and mediums.  

2. My international exposure has helped me understand how to blend and adapt cultures.  With the accelerating expansion of the global industry, it is becoming more and more necessary recognize and be sensitive to the disparities of the world. 


  1. I think using social media is a really hot topic in public relations. I think one of the best organizations to look at for good PR practices is the church. And since the 12 all have their own social media accounts, its safe to say that hot spot #1 is important. If you want to talk to someone about hot spot #2, Dylan P is writing about L10n.

  2. I agree with Kekoa that the use of social media is red hot on the pubic relations scene. I would suggest developing this hotspot.