Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Annotated Working Draft of Final Project / Hot Spots in OR Nursing

  1. Communication and Persuasion in My Field Communication and Persuasion in the Field of Operation Nursing
    There can be both positive and negative communication in OR Nursing. The positive persuasion is when a staff member can convince a patient to make a good medical decision. Communication is negative when it is used in the medical field to intimidate and undermine coworkers.
  2. Storytelling in My Field Storytelling in OR Nursing This blog post gives an example story to illustrate that storytelling is the backbone of the medical field. Many medical problems are figured out through communication in the form of telling stories both orally, and in the written form as a medical history.
  3. My field within the history of civilization
    Medicine Through the Millennia
    This blog post give a broad rang of how nursing came to be as well as going specifically into how nursing became predominately female and back. it also talks about how medicine started in the ancient times with the Greeks.
  4. Institutional Authority and Communication Institutional Authority and Communication in OR Nursing JACHO is the institutions designed to create order in the health system. They do this by having constant inspections and also hold an annual conference for nurses. JACHO protocol is changed by the legislature. Hot Spots Hot spot #1- (Personal) - the importance of communication in helping persuade people to make health conscious choices. This has personal relevance because I had to do a lot of this type of persuasion in my last job as a CNA so i can truly see the importance of this. Hot spot #2- (In the Field/ history) - Nursing is a timeless and has had an influence on people since the begining of time. This History is also ongoing and is always changing the health field as of now nursing is playing a major roll in the changes in the medical field. The history of Nursing changes they way Nursing field is today. Hot spot #3 - (In the Field) - JACHO is the protector. I think this is important to include this because it encompasses all of the order keeping sectors of nursing which include keeping communication positive as well as protecting patients and having overall good health care.


  1. I thought it was interesting how you mentioned that nursing has been having a strong influence on the medical field as a whole. It's exciting to think that entire career fields can have a persuasive influence on other disciplines like that; persuasion can happen on a much larger scale than just person-to-person.

  2. I would imagine your third hotspot is probably the "hottest" in your field. I would think most aspiring nurses would be familiar with that organization.

  3. I think you should focus on your first hotspot because I think it's the communication that has the most relevance for people. Nursing has as much to do with people as it does with medicine, and I think it would be worth it to focus on its personal aspect.