Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Annotated Working Draft and Hot Spots in Nurse Anesthesia

1. Communication and Persuasion in Nurse Anesthesia
In the medical field effective communication is key. This post speaks to that subject generally, as well as specifically to Nurse Anesthetists in their dealings with physicians and patients.

2. Storytelling within Nurse Anesthesia
This post describes effective communication between Nurse Anesthetists and their fellow physicians and gives examples of how this is done in real-life situations.

3. General Anesthesia Within the History of Civilization
Every occupation has a history. This post illustrates the fascinating history of knocking people out and numbing pains. From opium to IV, this story has it all.

4. Institutional Authority and Communication in Nursing
The ugly truth about going into the medical field. This post talks about Medical Boards and how today's medical field is regulated.

Hot Spots

Hot Spot 1 (Field/Historical) - The game is changing as professions get more specialized. Communication becomes more critical as more, and different roles are brought into play. When lives are on the line there is no room for miscommunication from the patient to the nurse anesthetist to the anesthesiologist to the surgeon and back again.

Hot Spot 2 (Personal/Historical) - I watch and listen to a lot of TED Talks. Looking back on history, and seeing where we are now with technology, it is incredible what we are doing. There are innovations all the time especially in the significant field of medicine. It makes me wonder how much will change anesthesiology specifically.


  1. I like your first hot spot about how communication is key. In nursing and being a doctor, it is extremely important that the correct information is communicated, or the patients may suffer.

  2. I also think the first hot spot is essential. One of the downsides toward civil advancement is that it requires a larger slew of specialists that have to communicate with each other.